Grief Series: Joy in the mourning….


This post  is dedicated to the countless loves of my life. I miss you.

Every December like millions around the world, I celebrate the “anniversary” of Christ’s birth. Every December,  it’s loveliness with Christmas trees, nostalgic sounds of Nat King Cole, mamma’s  baked specialties, Hanukkah menorahs and lights… lots of them. Some of those lights belong to my birthday cake, so each December I’m reminded that I’m another year older.  Without fail, I feel a twinge of anxious grief as November comes to a close and while I’m not thrilled at the number on my driver’s license, the grief I feel is not really about getting older, but about another December anniversary…  the anniversary of my father’s death.

If you are someone like me who has lost a loved one during the holidays, you know exactly what I mean when I say there is a part of you that wishes the world would go away so you can hide while people sing, “Joy to the World.”  Really what you’re thinking is “I can’t wait for this holiday to be over so people will stop singing about how the ‘LORD has come’, because in reality you just want your loved one to come back through the door instead.

This year I wanted to make a difference to those who are grieving. Over the next few posts, I hope what I have to share will help you find a glimmer of joy in these dark days. My wish for you is that you will be able to honor your grief, honor your loved one, honor your loss and give yourself permission to find the words, feelings and experiences you need in order to make it through the holidays.




  1. Thank you Lori Anne. It is always a hard month for me. My sister now too after loosing Melissa Lohr last year. It is a very real struggle to see all the celebrations when we just ache for our missing loved ones. My sister just said today she knew she would have to be ready for all the Joy to the World singing and that she would have to be prepared to accept that the world does not stop this for her. For any of us. May your heart be so full of the memory of your father’s love in your heart and the memory of being in his arms. May you feel all the ups and downs of this season with love. I know it is always a roller coaster of emotions. Much love.

    • TracyJo,
      Thank you for reading my posts and thank you for sharing your loss. Your sister is right when she says the “world does not stop this for her.”
      That is a truth that stings in some ways but if she or you need to slow down then please come back and visit my blog and perhaps some part of
      it will encourage your hearts. Much love to you too dear TracyJo.

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