More or Less

The older I get, the more I …

Relate to the two main characters in the “Secondhand Lions” film. 

Become less tolerant of people that drain me.

Experience the pain of not being as important to my children. 

The older I get the more I …

Rehearse the little things like being someone else’s inspiration. 

Cherish that one last hug “goodbye”.  

Realize that mom was right. 

The older I get the more I …

Understand that Shalom does not come apart from G-d. 

Curate my life with healthy boundaries, time management and challenges. 

Choose freedom over fear, experiences over dollars, and true friends over what’s fashionable.

Lastly, the older I get the more I…

Value the little things like time with my dog, a perfect cup of cappuccino, music that stills me

and time alone with my Creator.

Shalom to all.

I’ve made it this far. 50 and blessed. 



What’s your more or less?

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